Mike Stock - Letterer

Hi, I am a graphic designer and comic book letterer, I was also the digital editor for the Dead Roots anthology and

Oniel J. Antommarchi II

2940 Foraker Way, Kissimmee, FL, United States distance: 963 Miles

My name is Oniel J. Antommarchi II and I am a professional illustrator for both real media & digital art production. My specialty is manga style comic art and character design.

Jason Gwinn

3930-3940 White Horse Rd, Greenville, SC 29611, USA distance: 615 Miles

I'm a self taught artist from Greenville, SC. A single character in pencil with limited background typically starts at $50. My prices vary based on size, amount of characters, penc

Peter Melonas

Cordova, Shelby County, TN, United States distance: 939 Miles


Cristian Santos

Dyckman Street, New York, NY, United States distance: 10 Miles

Hey guys my name is Cristian Santos and i am a freelance comic artist from NYC. If you collect sketch cards you might be familiar with my work from the various Marvel and DC licens
Work as a colourist

Khushnaz Bode Faruzan

London, United Kingdom distance: 3,460 Miles

I am Khushnaz Bode Faruzan, an avid reader, illustrator and an ardent fan of everything colourful. 

Richel Tayamon

Soliman Street, Agdao District, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines distance: 8,906 Miles

I'm  Rics, A fulltime flatter I can do 5-7 pages 3-4 pages for the detailed pages a

Nathan Anderson

Berkley, MI, United States distance: 490 Miles

Michigan based character illustrator, with a European influenced linestyle, strong grasp on naturalistic anatomy and perspective. I deliver a very quick output, usually between a d

Tanner Simmons

Howdy!Need somebody who can whip out some conceptual images for a cast of characters or visually flesh out a story you have in the works but can't seem to transfer to paper

Chris McQuinlan

Frankston, Victoria, Australia distance: 10,358 Miles

I'm Chris McQuinlan, I am a freelance Illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia!My art style is rather versatile, and hopef