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Mike Stock

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Mike is a freelance graphic designer and comic book letterer, and he was also the digital editor for the Dead Roots anthology and VS Comics. His lettering credits include - Afterlife Inc., Clockwork Watch, Dead Roots, Destiny's Fate, Ep ...



Boris Grozev

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Hello my friends,my name is Boris,im a comic artist from 15 YEAR COMICS,and i specialize in different comic art categories,such as pinups,character designs and redesigns and full comic illustrations.I can do Fanart and Oc's alike. My style is heavily influenced by the talanted Humberto Ramos and Joe Madureira! So if you ...



Tim Sparvero

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Tim Sparvero is a graduate of the New York based School of Visual Arts Cartooning Program. He was an illustrator and Graphic Artist for the Newark Star-Ledger newspaper from 2009-2013. He currently works as a Production and Graphic Artist at Visual Textile Resource in Paterson N.J. He also does work for Strange Aeons Magazine and various antho ...

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Jayme Fosa

  • 367 user views
I'm a self taught artist, and hope to create some nice artwork that satisfies you~ My art is a blend of western and eastern styles, and I feel comfortable adapting the face to whatever you prefer.  At the moment I only provide characters, but will be able to give full backgrou ...



Neal D. Anderson

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I work very quickly, so I can get your project done in a day or couple if needed. I am a freelance illustrator that is heavily inspired by Classical American Illustration, European comics, and Japanese video games. I love designing my own characters and incorporating them into comics, pinup artwork and stories. I combine traditional and digital ...


Spider-Man 2

Samuel Shin

  • 997 user views
RULES:   1) Provide a detailed description of what you want me to draw. Reference photos are also a BIG help. 2) Allow 2-5 weeks before completion.3) I use Copic Markers to ink/color, pencils and inks for comics. *I DO NOT* do ...

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Joshua Chinsky

  • 716 user views
I work primarily as an Illustrator and Character designer for Games and Graphic Novels. Recent clients range from Video Game companies, comic book companies to commercial and film production studios. The work done includes, Art Director, Character and Concept design, Story boarding, UI, UX, Sequential Storytelling, Book Cover Design, Private ...

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Jimmy Reyes

  • 811 user views
Reyes is a freelance comic book artist he has worked with Underworld actor and comic book writer Kevin Grevioux on his comic ZMD as an inker. Reyes has inked many comic books and is now a comic book penciller offering his talents to you, own a personalized comic page art commiss ...